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Fleeting Moments

   Date: 08.08.2018 15:53
Summary: Her feelings about Yui's graduation
   Tags: yui-sotsugyou

Good afternoon,

an announcement was made last night, after about three years of being part of Keyakizaka46, supporting one another, and coming to where we are now, Yui Imaizumi has decided to graduate.

I think I have various thoughts and feelings regarding the word graduation. Zumi-chan was a young woman really treasuring her fans. I think she worried that this decision might create considerable sorrow for her fans. When only imagining that, my heart starts to ache. However, the graduation opens up new ways for her. If that is the case, I think it is a positive thing for her.

I still can't believe the reality that she will no longer be part of the group. It makes me sad, but I will support her from the bottom of my heart when she continues to stand firm as a solo talent. And I hope we both work hard and are able to meet again someday.

Our first popular song, our first variety TV show, our first drama, our first all-member photoshoot... Those are the things we all overcame together, as 21 members.
I will absolutely not forget this invaluable time with 21 people. Also thanks to everyone at the staff who always worked with great care on the activities of us 21 members.

The silly times spent with the members, the activities we were doing together. Happiness, delight, sadness, fun. Honestly, it's a beautiful situation and place which is able to bring forth many feelings. But because things like eternity don't exist and everything is fleeting, I had to think about it all again.
I want to cherish every single moment.
I love you all.

Zumi-chan, whose smile just draws you in, and who I just couldn't help but hug.

Despite her leaving, I will never forget the valuable times we spent together. Really, thank you for everything up until now.
I will continue supporting you going forward.☺️

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