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   Date: 27.07.2018 07:45
Summary: Fireworks
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Good evening! This is Mei Higashimura!

At the end of the three days of the live, I ate shaved ice.🍧 It's my favorite, strawberry condensed milk shaved ice.♡ During this term, I also grew to like Blue Hawaii!

And then, there was BBQ-style Shisoumen

I also did fireworks.☺️

Looks like a ton of fun😆laugh

I was getting excited it looked like I had an illumination ↑

These were my first fireworks of the year.🎆 I had fun! I want to do it again~

I've sent [photos with] this Minion-T-Shirt time and time again, but it's my absolute favorite🌟

The acceptance for 個握 is until 14:00 on the 27th! I'll be waiting🐻💕

Thank you for reading this blog

❤︎ Mei Higashimura ˙˚ ᕱ⑅ᕱ ˚˙ ❤︎ 370

Japanese Original


3日ともライブ終わりにかき氷を食べました🍧 かき氷はいちご練乳味が1番好きです♡ でもこの期間でブルーハワイも好きになりました!

そしてBBQ 流しそうめん 花火も 用意してくださいました☺️



今年初の花火でした🎆 楽しかった!またやりたいな〜

あとこのミニオンのTシャツ メッセージには何回も送ってるんですけど めちゃくちゃお気に入り🌟

個握の受付が27日の14時までです! ぜひ 待ってます🐻💕


❤︎ ひがしむら めい ˙˚ ᕱ⑅ᕱ ˚˙ ❤︎ 370

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