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Album Track Demo

Date: 13.06.2018 01:42 Summary: She talks about some of the tracks on the new album Tags: hashiridasushunkan

One June 20th (Wednesday)

You can listen to demo tracks from Hiragana Keyakizaka46's first album "Hashiridasu Shunkan," which is to be released on June 20th (Wednesday), on the special site.🎧 đŸŽļ

You can listen to a demo of all tracks, so please try listening to them.💘


You can listen to it there.( ˙ ˙ )/

My recommended tracks are "Konna Seiretsu Wo Dare ga Saseru no ka?" and "Yakuzoku no Tamago!"

And then, there's my solo track "Igokochi Warui, Otona ni Natta." Could you please listen to it?

I want you to listen to the lyrics of this track in any case!! â™Ŧ

I was told by the staff that it is the spiritual third part, continuing "Soredemo Aruiteru," "Ima ni Miteiro." That made me happy!!😊 [TODO: Uncertain how to TL č¨€ã‚ã‚ŒãĻそういう気]

And then, there's many parts that also apply to myself, so sometimes, I feel like crying.

Because these are such beatiful lyrics, please try paying attention to them on the monitors at the tour's concerts!

Listen to it often, will you?♡🎧



Strawberry Milk 🍓đŸĨ› [TL Note: She wrote "Sunoroberi Milk." Not sure if this is a pun or if she just made a typo here]

Ramen-loving Kyouko Saitou


Japanese Original

6月20æ—Ĩ(æ°´)į™ēåŖ˛ãŽã‘やき坂46 デビãƒĨãƒŧã‚ĸãƒĢバム「čĩ°ã‚Šå‡ēすįžŦ間」į‰šč¨­ã‚ĩイトãĢãĻã‚ĸãƒĢバムæĨŊæ›˛ãŒčŠĻč´ã§ãã‚‹ã‚ˆã†ãĢãĒã‚Šãžã—ãŸđŸŽ§ đŸŽļ

å…¨æ›˛čŠĻč´ã§ãã‚‹ãŽã§ãŋãĒã•ã‚“č´ã„ãĻãŋãĻãã ã•ã„ã­đŸ’˜


ã“ãĄã‚‰ã‹ã‚‰č´ã‘ãžã™ã‚ˆ( ˙ ˙ )/






そんãĒį´ æ•ĩãĒæ­ŒčŠžãĒぎでツã‚ĸãƒŧをčĻŗãĢæĨられる斚はãƒĸニã‚ŋãƒŧãĢæ˜ ã‚‹æ­ŒčŠžãĢã‚‚ãœã˛æŗ¨į›Žã—ãĻãŋãĻくださいね!






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