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   Date: 26.06.2018 01:39
Summary: Kyouko doesn't like heights, and fast things
   Tags: serious,interesting
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Did you watch this week's episode of Hiragana Oshi?

This time, the topic was "Hiragana Keyakizaka46's first album release celebration, all the members go bungee jumping""

I can still clearly remember the experinces of this day.

I am still completely remembering how every one jumped one by one.

My semicircular canals [part with the fluid in the ear] are very sensitive, so I'm hopeless when it comes to all things like drops in roller coasters. When 6 people went to the amusement park with Kanji [TODO: paragraph incomplete]

The same applies to airplanes. To be honest, I am weak with this, so from around the time I was an elementary school student, my physical condition gets really down when I'm on an airplane.

Regarding high places, I am not OK with them at all. I have a fear of heights (acrophobia), so I get this bad feeling and want to cry. That's why I absolutely cannot do it.

That's also why I can't ride the tea cups, and why I ran away on the way to it and why I seriously have to gnash my teeth at the merry go round. [Why I can barely handle merry-go-rounds.]

That's why I'm the only one who didn't ride the roller coaster in the Reaction Check Keyakake episode at Fuji-Q.

Yet I can say with confidence that, this time, at the all-members album's hit prayer [party?] I confronted the challenge.

Honestly, when it comes to me, I absolutely can't. For example, even if I it was just me who couldn't jump when all other members could, even if I could see the members jumping and thought it was OK [, I couldn't]. I thought with that I could somehow make myself do it. /// very uncertain

Before my turn to jump, but while I was in the middle of putting on a lot of protective gear like the helmet etc., tears welled up.

Before one knew, I was crying loudly.

Up until I walked up to the place to jump, I was only seeing the place where the members were jumping from and was feeling a little bit of courage. But the place was completely different from what I had imagined.

I thought it might be absolutely impossible this time, but I also wanted to jump to properly wish for Hashiridasu Shunkan to become a big hit!! This was what I honestly thought.

Because of that I was being quite persistent, but ...

I Bungee-jumped.

Up until this day in my life, I had often exerted myself and done tough things, so there were also many days when I cried and screamed, but this day was the number one day in my life where I tried my best.

It was a day that can not be expressed in words.

I thought that it was hard to regret jumping, but at the same time was glad that I jumped.

Up until now, [how much] I was the one who was either a small child or the big senpai. Also when we went to the amusement park, I refused to ride the roller coaster; also when everybody sat on the electric chair, I didnt; also when everybody rode the roller coaster, I didn't ride; but on this day, I became a different person by overcoming my fears.

I wonder what made me even try so hard.

I don't want to say things like that I did my best myself, but on that day, you could say that stuck out my chest and tried my best.

And then, after I jumped, my close friend Mao hugged me close while [I was] crying because she felt the same. I was honestly glad about that and it made me so happy.

At that time, I truly felt how much of a valuable, beloved and close friend Mao is.

Then, additionally, the always helping Makeup-san and Staff-san [???] let me cry , but when everybody came [to my help], even more tears came out.

And then, I went home and cried into my mother's chest.

She, too, was also in tears and held me close.

After that, we spoke about the events of that day for about an hour while I was in tears.laugh

By bungee-jumping, I was once again able to feel the warmth of the people around me.

If I didn't go through the immense trouble of bungee-jumping this time, maybe I wouldn't have noticed that.

After that, I have new feelings for the people around me, so life really has many shades [colors]. [と] It reminded me of the lyrics of "Soredemo aruiteru."

I think that soon, the experience of visiting that day will be gone, the beyond frightening experiences that I confronted will seem unlikely, so if I recall all experiences of this day, it won't feel scary I think.

I don't mean that I conquered my weaknesses, but I was able to pass the wall [overcome my fear].

I think these are ugly pictures, but I was made do some tough things, so I'm really sorry.

Continuing, I will need your support. YOROSHIKUONEGAISHIMASU!

To 佐藤さん・岸さん, everyone at the staff, and every member, thank you very much!!


For that day, there's not even one photo. I'm sorry.

Kyouko Saitou

Japanese Original


今回は、『けやき坂46 デビューアルバム発売記念ヒット祈願 19人全員バンジージャンプ』という企画でした!







































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