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   Date: 02.07.2018 04:10
Summary: Kyoto Handshake, BUBKA photoshoot
   Tags: handshake, tour2018
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Good afterning, [TL Note: Combination of the greetings “Good afternoon” and “Good Evening”]

Even though I want to watch the movie we filmed every day, when I become aware of it, I'm sleeping soundly in my futon.

I couldn't disregard the strength of the futon.

This is Kumi Sasaki.

A few days ago, there was the individual handshake meeting in Kyoto.

Part 1 - 2


Part 4 - 5


I lifted the ban on the dress I didn't even wear once.✊

Me together with the flowers. I wore them as a flower crown~👃

Thank you very much!

Forever and ever, thank you soooo much for the lovely flowers💞

My thanks are late, (but) Hiragana Keyakizaka46's debut album "Hashiridasu Shunkan" made the first place in the Weekly Oricon charts...!

Really, my thanks can not be expressed with words, I am feeling so much happiness.

Really, really, thank you so much!!

After this, and in the future, I think this is the beloved album I wanted to have [come across].

Here's an announcement📢

There's the sale of "BUBKA" on June 30th! I got to be [in charge of] on the front cover!

The photoshoot on top of the roof had such a lovely atmosphere👼 Please try to read [watch] it!

I also drew a portrait of Bau-chan. [Not sure whether she sketched or s.o. else]

I've also met Kage at the handshake the other day [whom I hadn't met in a long time].

I was relieved that she looked healthy.

I think I want to have a wonderfully prepared meal, a good night's sleep, and for us to stay strong.

Finally, tomorrow will be our last performance of the Higashi-Meihan Tour! It's in Nagoya!

Let's jump a lot🕴

See you later( ˙-˙ )/

Kumi Sasaki

Japanese Original


毎日録画した映画を見ようと意気込むのに、 気づいたらお布団でスヤスヤしてるんですよね。






一回もきたことがなかった ワンピースを解禁しました✊

お花と一緒に置いてあった 花冠を被りました〜👃


本っ当に素敵なお花をいつもいつも ありがとうございます💞

お礼が遅くなってしまったのですが、 けやき坂46のデビューアルバム「走り出す瞬間」が オリコン週間アルバムランキングで 第1位を記録致しました、、、!

本当に言葉じゃ表しきれない感謝と 嬉しさを感じています。


これから先もずっと 愛される「走り出す瞬間」であってほしいなと思います☺︎


6月30日発売の 「BUBKA」さんに載せていただいてます! 表紙も担当させていただきました、!

屋上での撮影、とても大好きな雰囲気でした👼 是非見てみてください!


そういえば、 この間の握手会でひさびさにかげに会いました〜


ちゃんともりもりご飯を食べて しっかり睡眠をとって 頑張ってほしいなと思っています。

明日はついに東名阪ツアー地方公演ラストの! 名古屋です!!


ではまたね( ˙-˙ )/


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