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   Date: 27.07.2018 07:48
Summary: Keyaki Republic, upcoming performances, handshake
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Good afterning,

When I was passing through a station called "Ootori [large bird]," I somehow misheard it as "The next station is Oodorii [Audrey]," and just had to giggle on my own. [TL Note: Audrey is the host of Hiragana Oshi.]

Ah, that's a lie. Toshi also had to giggle.

This is Kumi Sasaki.


We did the Republic together with Kanji,😚 and they were as cool as ever..

I will look up to them forever!


There was an announcement the other day that we will be at "Hot Stuff Promotion 40th Anniversary MASAKA" at Budokan Japan on October 26th, to which we were inivited to perform!

Then, we somehow got the chance to co-act with KyariiPamyuPamyu!!!

From before I joined Keyakizaka, I've always been listening to him and watching him. Co-acting with KyariiPamyuPamyu, it seems like a dream...!

And then, being able to once again stand on the stage at Budokan, it makes me really happy.

I want many of you to come! I'll be in your care.😳


And then, we will be performing at the "TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2018" on the 3rd of August!

It's an honor to be invited this year even though we already appeared last year!

I will do my best so that many of you will come to see the leveled-up version of last year's Hiragana Keyakizaka46.🌞


And then, and then, at last, there's tomorrow! "SUNNY TRAIN REVUE 2018 ~ Terebi ga fesu tsukucchaimashita!~" will be held at Iwamizawa in Hokkaido, where we will perform.

People of Hokkaido, please treat us well☺️

I'm so glad that Hiragana Keyakizaka46 is invited to this many events!!

In order to pass along my happiness, I will challenge it with all my strength🧚‍♀️!


Come to think of it, the other day was Hinako's (Kawata's) birthday.

Congratulations on becoming 17🎈


Everyone, we're still accepting applications for the 7th single handshake until 14:00 today. For those, who have not yet come and met us; for those, who came once; and for those who come time and time again,

I will be waiting👼

Please be sure to drop by~~!

てん ["Ten"]


I had the chance to do pony-tails right next to my pony-tail princess. It was awesome.


Today is the birthday of my beloved Risa~! Happy 20th birthday!

See you later ( ˙-˙ )/

Kumi Sasaki

Japanese Original


大鳥居という駅を通過したのですが、 どうしても「次の駅はオードリー」にしか聞こえなくて ひとりでクスクスしてしまいました。

あ、嘘です。 としちゃんとクスクスしてしまいました。


漢字さんと共和国で😚 漢字さんはやっぱりかっこいい、、


先日発表されたのですが、 10月26日に日本武道館で開催される 「Hot Stuff Promotion 40th Anniversary MASAKA」 に出演させていただくことになりました!

なんと、そこできゃりーぱみゅぱみゅさんと 共演させていただくことにもなりました!!!

私がけやき坂になる前から ずっと聴いていた見ていた きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅさんとの共演なんて 夢のようです、、、!

そしてまた日本武道館の舞台に立てるのも 本当に嬉しいです。

是非たくさんの方に見に来ていただきたいです! よろしくお願い致します😳

そして、8月3日には、 「TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2018」に 出演させていただきます!

去年も出させていただいたのですが、 今年も呼んでいただけて本当に光栄です!

去年よりもパワーアップしたけやき坂46を たくさんの方に見ていただけるように頑張ります🌞

そしてそしてついに明日は! 北海道の岩見沢で行われる 「SUNNY TRAIN REVUE 2018 ~テレビがフェスつくっちゃいました!~」 に出演させていただきます!


こうしてたくさんのイベントに けやき坂46が呼んでいただけることが 嬉しいです!!

ハッピーをお届けできるように 全力で挑みます🧚‍♀️!



皆さん、本日の14時まで 7枚目シングルの握手会が受付中です。 まだ会いに来たことない方も、 一回来たことある方も、 何回も来てくださってる方も、




ポニーテールの女王の隣で ポニーテールさせていただきました。 恐れ多いです。

今日は大好き理佐さんのお誕生日〜! 理佐さん20歳おめでとうございます💗

ではまたね( ˙-˙ )/


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