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   Date: 19.07.2018 03:10
Summary: Hashiridasu Shunkan handshake
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Good afterning,

Recently, I wore the Bluetooth headphones that I had been longing for for a while now. When testing them, at that super nice part before the hook of the song, the connection got cut and the song stopped. The next time I pressed play, it became a production out of a sink that seemed like a concert.

If it's case with Bluetooth that I can have that experience as well, I will love Bluetooth even more.

This is Kumi Sasaki.

On Monday, Marine Day🐬, was the album's individual handshake meeting! It was the first Hiragana-only handshake [Koaku], so it is a surprise to have 6 single-digit lanes.

🐡part 2 and 3

I wore my hair down! These are clothes that say "This is a date at the beach." 🏝

It's the red skirt that I've always wanted!

Of course it's BEAMS all the way.

🐡part 4 and 5

I wore a Yukata~🎆 I really wanted to finally go to the fireworks display.

And then, we were able to greet Nogizaka who were doing a handshake meeting also in Mukuhari, so then...

I got to take pictures with 梅澤美波さん👼 Thank you very much. Just two people in a Yukata!

I regret that I got nervous and couldn't talk to her at all...

Thank you for the sunflowers which I really like lately, for giving me the chance to do fireworks with the flowers, [TL: TODO: might very well be wrong] Honestly thank you forever for the wonderful flowers!

It became a somewhat short story, but I danced together with Neru Nagahama at Tanabata for the first time in a while. I'm reporting that it was super fun🌝

That uniform is in last year's style too! Despite the expectation that I'd do the same number of songs with Mei, I sweat a lot as I don't do it half-hearted. [TL: not really sure...]


Lately, it's hot, so hot, we're experiencing full summer now, aren't we? It's the 22nd summer in my life!

This year I will absolutely go see the fireworks~🎆

See you later ( ˙-˙ )/

Kumi Sasaki

Japanese Original


最近ずっと憧れてたブルートゥースの イヤホンにしました。 そうしたら曲のサビ前のとても良いところで 接続が切れて曲が止まって、 次再生を押したらコンサートみたいな溜めの 演出になったんです。

ブルートゥースだとこんな経験もできるんだなと ブルートゥースがもっと好きになりました。


月曜日、海の日🐬にアルバムの 個別握手会がありました! はじめてのひらがなだけの個握だったので 6レーンという一桁レーンに驚き。


髪の毛は下ろしてました! 海デートに行きたいねっていう服です🏝




浴衣を着ました〜🎆 花火大会にとても行きたくなりました。

そして、同じ幕張で握手会をされていた乃木坂さんに ご挨拶させていただいたのですが、 そこで、、、

梅澤美波さんとお写真撮っていただきました👼 ありがとうございました。 ちょうど二人とも浴衣!


最近大好きなひまわり!だったり、 花火をお花で作ってくださったり 本当に素敵なお花をいつもありがとうございます!

少し前のお話になってしまうのですが、 七夕に長濱のねるちゃんと久し振りに一緒に踊れて とても楽しかったよという報告です🌝

この制服も去年のツアーぶり! めいちゃんと同じ曲数やったはずなのに 私は本当に半端ない汗っかきみたいです。


最近暑くて暑くて、 つくづく夏を感じますね。 人生で22回目の夏!


ではまたね( ˙-˙ )/


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