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   Date: 13.07.2018 08:50
Summary: Hashiridasu Shunkan Tour finished and what she learned from it
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Good afterning, [TL Note: Combination of the greetings “Good afternoon” and “Good Evening”]

When I find a favorite track, I generally want to share my feelings, so I want to tell somebody.

That someone is usually Naccho. [Ushio Sarina?]

However, Naccho can't listen to me at all [right now], and because I'm getting into the time [age?] of being forgetful, the time difference [delay?] came up, so I want you to hear it as soon as possible, that is my wish.

This is Kumi Sasaki.

We safely ran the Hashiridasu Shunkan Tour 2018.🏃‍♀️

It was over in the blink of an eye, but I think we were able to enjoy it to our best up until now.

I can say about myself that I enjoyed it, and that was the goal this time, so I feel like we were able to achieve it.


We had newly made costumes for the opening this time, which were cute and looked like candy wrapping paper.

The shoulders were left open, the skirts turned out asymmetric, but they were stylish again,

Before the start, I saw the members wearing them and we got cheerful and wanted to try our best.🚀

Thinking about the tour's end, I wanted to raise the energy level of our performance even higher! I think I did my best to become an eye-catcher for audience at the performance!

On the last day, Kage-yan made an appearance on stage~

We will always be waiting! Okay? I'm looking forward to it unless you say no.

And again, I could feel that I'm being surrounded by wonderful staff, by my beloved members, and above all, by Keyaki's fans who are overflowing with love.

Thank you so much.

Also thanks to the lights-guy.

I feel like the distance to the 2nd year members has shrunk significantly during this tour.

The photo of Kikutoshi didn't come in, but... laugh

I'm collecting the things I want to write, so I will update you again.👾

The handshake meeting ticket sale for the 7th single has started today, which is unusually early!

I'm looking forward to many of you coming to meet us!👼 [TL Note: She wrote "wear"着 instead of "come"来 in the original]

My favorite lesson-clothing✊

See you later( ˙-˙ )/

Kumi Sasaki

Japanese Original


お気に入りの曲を見つけると だいたい気持ちを共有したいので 誰かに紹介したくなるんです。


でもなっちょはなかなか聞いてくれなくて、 私が忘れた頃にハマるから 時差が生じるので、すぐに聞いてほしいなっていうのが 私の願いです。


走り出す瞬間ツアー2018、 無事完走致しました🏃‍♀️

あっという間でしたが、 今までで一番楽しめたと思います。

自分が一番楽しむというのが 今回の目標だったので、 達成できた気がします。


今回オープニングの衣装を 新しく作っていただいたのですが、 それがもうお菓子の包装紙みたいで可愛くて、

肩が出ているのと、 スカートがアシンメトリーになっているのが これまたお洒落で、

始まる前にメンバーがこれを着ているのをみて ウキウキ頑張ろうってなりました🚀

ツアーを終えて思ったことは、 もっとパフォーマンス力を上げたい! パフォーマンスで目を引くような存在になれるように 頑張ろうと思いました!


ずーっと待ってる!からね! いやと言われるほど首を長くしてるよ🦒

改めて素敵なスタッフさん、 大好きなメンバー、 そしてなにより、けやき愛で溢れたファンの方々に 私は囲まれてると実感できました。



2期生ともぐっとこのツアーで 距離が縮まった気がします!


書きたいことが溜まっているので また更新しますね👾

早いことに、7thシングルの握手会の受付が 本日から始まりました! たくさんの方が会いに着てくださるのを 楽しみにしていますね👼


ではまたね( ˙-˙ )/


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